Orac Decor KC1 LUXXUS Full Column Complete Set Capital Shaft Plinth Stucco decoration Round shape antique | 2,42 m

Orac full column complete set made of rigid polyurethane foam.High quality column consisting of base, shaft and capital. Low weight, extremely stable and highly resistant. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Orac Decor columns must not be used as supporting elements, but they are ideal to cover construction details.BondingFor hems and mitre joints use Orac DecoFix Extra (FX200 and FX210).To stick the decorative elements on walls and ceilings use Orac DecoFix Pro (FDP500 and FDP600).In outdoor areas and moist rooms (swimming pool, sauna, etc.) DecoFix Hydro (FDP700) need to be applied instead of DecoFix Pro.The paste is available in our shop separately.Orac LUXXUS - exclusive and creativeOrac LUXXUS has an exclusive rank within the superior trademark Orac Decor®. The collection contains an unique selection of luxurious creative mouldings and decorative accessories.It is not only the flamboyant design but also the impeccable quality that designates Orac LUXXUS as a high-class collection. The profiles are made of Purotouch®, a high-density polyurethane rigid foam that has a similar density to wood and a closed and sleek surface. All decorative elements and the profile kerbs are precise and sharp-edged.Once being installed and painted Orac's decorative profiles visually cannot be distinguished from real historic stucco. Compared to traditional stucco elements made of plaster or wood Orac products convince clients due to their reduced weight and higher stability.Rooms and fronts obtain a highly distinctive elegance and a particular flair. Decorative profiles are capable to ennoble even modest rooms. They determine the atmosphere of a home with their eye-catching look, their outstanding contours and their remarkable size.Orac full columns installation instruction PUROTOUCH® material properties

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